We offer a wide range of main meals plus several kinds of delicious soups every single day. We tailor our meals to the needs of customers.

To make our offer even more diverse we add beverages, salads, fruit as well as bread to the meals. We always prepare the menus a week in advance and we always try to meet the needs of every kind of customer with varied tastes. We pay strict attention to the nutritional and bio value of the meals.  We ensure that the monthly catering menus fulfil minimum nutritional requirements, and use fresh meat, eggs, fresh as well as cooked vegetables and fruit.  We always use fresh oil to prepare the meals.  Our principle is variety – we never offer the same meals within the course of six weeks.

Our basic offer of meals

  • Traditional slovak cuisine
  • Vegetarian meals – meatless
  • Salads (pasta salads, vegetable salads, etc.)
  • Supplementary meals – containing meat as well as vegetarian
  • Food combining diet meals

Our meals in your canteen will make your employees and business partners feel like they’re eating in a nice restaurant.  We offer a fine dining experience that you can always rely on.

Only natural foods

Every day we prepare fresh meals using fresh ingredients.  Our suppliers offer high quality foods that we order a day in advance or on the day of cooking.  This is why we are able to offer you fresh meals everyday.

Our meals do not contain any

  • food additives
  • sweeteners
  • food colourings
  • flavourings

We cook just as you do at home the only difference is – we cook in large amounts. We use home-made products and natural ingredients.  We prefer to cooperate and order from domestic agricultural markets and local farm households. We use traditional well-know recipies.

Snack bar – buffet

Our company has also been running snack bars for many years. We have long-term and exclusive experience, therefore you can always enjoy our fresh, tasty and high- quality products.  We prepare cold meals, dairy products, smoked meat dishes, sandwiches, salads and salami. In addition, we offer fresh bread, rolls, buns as well as pastries.  In our buffet, you can also enjoy soft drinks, coffee and tea.  We prepare an array of dishes that you can savour.

We have more than 150 items for you to enjoy.